Matthew McDonnell

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Airway obstruction by wound hematoma is a serious adverse event associated with anterior cervical spine surgery. Although intrinsic airway edema is the most plausible pathophysiologic mechanism of obstruction, we hypothesized that extrinsic compression of the trachea by a hematoma can result in airway occlusion at an angle to the sagittal plane. A silicone(More)
Management of fungal osteomyelitis and fungal septic arthritis is challenging, especially in the setting of immunodeficiency and conditions that require immunosuppression. Because fungal osteomyelitis and fungal septic arthritis are rare conditions, study of their pathophysiology and treatment has been limited. In the literature, evidence-based treatment is(More)
BACKGROUND Recent tabloid media articles have highlighted the trend of increasing alcohol intoxication among the young, particularly females. We compared all the alcohol levels sent from the emergency department of Belfast City Hospital over two 12-month periods, 4 years apart, to see if there were any changes in the pattern of levels or numbers of tests(More)
Although rare, injury to the triradiate cartilage is both a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge. Trauma to the triradiate cartilage or its blood supply can adversely affect acetabular development due to premature physeal closure. A shallow acetabulum with a lateralized hip joint that is prone to subluxation, premature degenerative changes, chronic pain,(More)
BACKGROUND The true incidence and primary predictors of foot compartment syndrome remain controversial. Our aim was to better define the overall incidence of foot compartment syndrome in relation to the frequency and location of various foot injuries. We hypothesized that (1) the incidence would increase in proportion to the number of anatomic locations of(More)
BACKGROUND Work-hour restrictions and increased supervision requirements have altered the clinical experience of orthopaedic surgery residents, while the specialty's body of knowledge and requisite skill set continue to expand. This dilemma means that the duration and practice experience of the traditional orthopaedic residency may not meet the needs of(More)
STUDY DESIGN Biomechanical cadaver investigation. OBJECTIVE To examine dynamic bending stiffness and energy absorption of the lumbar spine with and without implanted total disc replacement (TDR) under simulated physiological motion. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA The pendulum testing system is capable of applying physiological compressive loads without(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW This article reviews recent findings on Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) and proposes future research which would help to establish the nature of CPTSD in relation to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). RECENT FINDINGS Research on survivors of torture and war has found that CPTSD can occur when there is no history of(More)
The majority of patients with rheumatoid arthritis involving the cervical spine can be managed non-operatively. These patients should be monitored closely by the treating physician for the development of neurologic symptoms or subluxation on radiographs. Non-surgical treatment in the majority of patients has a definite role. Several studies now suggest(More)
The lag screw technique has historically been a successful and accepted way to treat oblique metacarpal fractures. However, it does take additional time and involve multiple steps that can increase the risk of fracture propagation or comminution in the small hand bones of the hand. An alternate fixation technique uses bicortical interfragmentary screws.(More)