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Metastable events in ADC comparators cause large errors that cannot be tolerated in test and measurement applications that record data over extended time intervals. This work utilizes BiCMOS technology to provide high dynamic range analog to digital conversion at 2.5GS/s with a metastable error rate of less than one error per year and better than 78dB SFDR(More)
In the past, it was common practice for museum professionals and private collectors to apply a variety of pesticide agents to objects in their collections to preserve them from depredations by microorganisms, fungi, and other pests. The Native American Graves Repatriation and Protection Act allows federally recognized tribes to request that museums return(More)
Workflows are modeled with directed acyclic graphs in which vertices represent computational tasks, referred to as requests, and edges represent precedent constraints among requests. Associated with each workflow is a deadline that defines the time by which all computations of a workflow should be complete. Workflows are submitted by numerous clients to a(More)
(2015) Mainstreaming video annotation software for critical video analysis. Abstract: The range of video annotation software currently available is set within commercially specialized professions, distributed via outdated sources or through online video hosting services. As video content becomes an increasingly significant tool for analysis, there is a(More)
The extent of calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II (CaMKII) inactivation in the brain after ischemia correlates with the extent of damage. We have previously shown that a loss of CaMKII activity in neurons is detrimental to neuronal viability by inducing excitotoxic glutamate release. In the current study we extend these findings to show that the(More)
The integration of behavioral health services into primary care medical settings may be part of the solution to the fragmented health care system currently found in the United States. Although integrated primary care (IPC) is implemented in various locations across the United States, little information is available about how IPC is specifically practiced.(More)
The o-carboxylic acid substituted bisanilinopyrimidine 1 was identified as a potent hit (Aurora A IC(50) = 6.1 ± 1.0 nM) from in-house screening. Detailed structure-activity relationship (SAR) studies indicated that polar substituents at the para position of the B-ring are critical for potent activity. X-ray crystallography studies revealed that compound 1(More)
— A distributed service-oriented architecture comprises interconnected machines that together support a number of services. Concurrent service requests made to an individual machine are supported with shared, and limited, resources associated with that machine. A call to a service method may in turn invoke methods from other services, resulting in a nesting(More)