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To avoid SNR degradation due to jitter, sampling time errors must be less than 90fs rms. This accuracy is achieved through a combination of a low noise clock path and a 2-rank T/H architecture, as shown in Fig. 26.3.1. Clocked at the full 2.5GHz sampling rate via a low-jitter CMOS driver chain, the first T/H stage sets the sampling instant. Eight(More)
Both virus-mediated damage to airway tissues and induction of pro-inflammatory cytokines such as interleukin-8 (IL-8) could contribute to symptom severity during viral respiratory infections in children. To test the hypothesis that IL-8 contributes to the pathogenesis of respiratory symptoms during naturally acquired respiratory viral infections in(More)
Workflows are modeled with directed acyclic graphs in which vertices represent computational tasks, referred to as requests, and edges represent precedent constraints among requests. Associated with each workflow is a deadline that defines the time by which all computations of a workflow should be complete. Workflows are submitted by numerous clients to a(More)
The range of video annotation software currently available is set within commercially specialized professions, distributed via outdated sources or through online video hosting services. As video content becomes an increasingly significant tool for analysis, there is a demand for appropriate digital annotation techniques that offer equivalent functionality(More)
In the past, it was common practice for museum professionals and private collectors to apply a variety of pesticide agents to objects in their collections to preserve them from depredations by microorganisms, fungi, and other pests. The Native American Graves Repatriation and Protection Act allows federally recognized tribes to request that museums return(More)
A distributed service-oriented architecture comprises interconnected machines that together support a number of services. Concurrent service requests made to an individual machine are supported with shared, and limited, resources associated with that machine. A call to a service method may in turn invoke methods from other services, resulting in a nesting(More)