Matthew M. Mitchell

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BACKGROUND Metabolomics, the comprehensive profile of small-molecule metabolites found in biological specimens, has the potential to provide insights into the pathogenesis of disease states and lead to the identification of new biomarkers. METHODS AND RESULTS We analysed 451 plasma metabolites by liquid chromatography/mass spectroscopy and gas(More)
It is apparent that judicious application of computer technology to the design and implementation of an automated anesthesia recordkeeping system could afford increased ease of use to the anesthesiologist compared to a manually kept record. Although prototype systems have been developed at academic institutions, and commercially available operating room(More)
An audiovisual instructional program for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease was evaluated in 65 patients with this disease and 20 patients without lung disease. We found that the program was successful in increasing the factual knowledge about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, with the attainment of mean scores of 88 and 95% on(More)
The Student Response System is a commercially available electronic communication system applicable to many teaching and testing situations. At rather short intervals during a programmed course, the instructor projects on a screen multiple-choice questions that the student should have learned to answer during one or two previous teaching steps. Correct and(More)
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