Matthew M. Marshall

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BACKGROUND Ultrasonic vocalizations (USVs) emitted by muroid rodents, including laboratory mice and rats, are used as phenotypic markers in behavioral assays and biomedical research. Interpretation of these USVs depends on understanding the significance of USV production by rodents in the wild. However, there has never been a study of muroid rodent(More)
The primary objective of this study was to assess the accuracy and precision with which analysts observe and estimate the force produced as subjects performed exertions on a work simulator. Eight analysts observed 32 subjects and estimated force as a percent of subjects' maximum voluntary contraction (% MVC). Analysts exhibited bias toward the mean, as high(More)
Previous research on wrist functionally has focused almost entirely on range of motion (ROM) in 2 or 3 isolated planes (flexion/extension, radial/ulnar deviation, and forearm pronation/supination), without investigating the potential effects of complex wrist/forearm posture on ROM. A quantitative analysis of these effects on wrist ROM was performed. ROM was(More)
The objectives of this research were to investigate the accuracy and precision with which trained and untrained participants estimate the magnitude of forceful exertion and to evaluate the mathematical relationship between actual and estimated exertion. Three groups of participants estimated, as a percentage of maximum voluntary contraction (%MVC), the(More)
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