Matthew M Leonard

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Using games from Major League Baseball’s 2007 season, individual game attendance is estimated using censored normal regression with home-team fixed-effects. Included in the model are several factors affecting attendance, such as divisional and interleague rivalries, that to date have been omitted from the literature. The relationship between attendance and(More)
PD81,723 {(2-amino-4,5-dimethyl-3-thienyl)-[3-(trifluromethyl)-phenyl]methanone} is a selective allosteric enhancer of the G(i)-coupled A1 AR (adenosine receptor) that is without effect on G(s)-coupled A2A ARs. PD81,723 elicits a decrease in the dissociation kinetics of A1 AR agonist radioligands and an increase in functional agonist potency. In the present(More)
Gastroschisis, a congenital defect in which the abdominal viscera herniate through the abdominal wall, affects 2.1 to 4.6 per 10,000 live births worldwide.1–9 Infection is an important contributor to morbidity and mortality in infants born with this and other abdominal wall defects. There is little data available regarding the typical incidence of infection(More)
OBJECTIVES The authors sought to determine the effect of in vitro time, temperature, and removable tourniquet use on changes in venous point-of-care lactate concentrations. METHODS This was a prospective randomized trial on healthy volunteers. Subjects were randomized to one of three groups: group 1 had venous lactate concentrations measured on blood(More)
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