Matthew M Hathorn

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Understanding how the immune system decides between tolerance and activation by antigens requires addressing cytokine regulation as a highly dynamic process. We quantified the dynamics of interleukin-2 (IL-2) signaling in a population of T cells during an immune response by combining in silico modeling and single-cell measurements in vitro. We demonstrate(More)
Variability within isogenic T cell populations yields heterogeneous 'local' signaling responses to shared antigenic stimuli, but responding clones may communicate 'global' antigen load through paracrine messengers, such as cytokines. Such coordination of individual cell responses within multicellular populations is critical for accurate collective reactions(More)
The strength of T-cell receptor (TCR) stimulation and subsequent T-cell response depend on a combination of peptide-major histocompatibility complex (pMHC) density and potency. By comparing two different pMHC at doses yielding similar proliferation in vivo, we have highlighted unexpected differences in the qualitative and quantitative effects of TCR ligand.(More)
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