Matthew M. Burton

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BACKGROUND Establishing a relationship between medications and diagnoses within a functioning electronic medical record system (EMR) has many valuable applications,such as improving the quality and utility of the problem list to support better decisions. METHODS We evaluated over 1.6 million de-identified patient records from the Regenstrief Medical(More)
INTRODUCTION We report here on a rare case of a large, lateral sphenoid wing tumor with radiographic and intraoperative findings highly suggestive of meningioma, yet pathology was in fact consistent with metastatic prostate adenocarcinoma. PRESENTATION OF CASE An 81 year-old male presented with expressive dysphasia, right-sided weakness and headaches.(More)
Identification of postsurgical complications is the first step towards improving patient safety and health care quality as well as reducing heath care cost. Existing NLP-based approaches for retrieving postsurgical complications are based on search strategies. Here, we conduct a sublanguage analysis study using free text reports available for a cohort of(More)
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