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Hemisphere specialization for language was studied in 10 children with expressive developmental dysphasia (DD) (mean age 10 years 4 months) submitted to a dichotic listening task (in a word free-recall task and forced-attention task) and a finger tapping/vocalization dual-task paradigm. A nonsense shape dichaptic task was also introduced to control right(More)
Monitoring of the 418 million ha of forests in Canada is needed to ensure the sustainable development of these forests. Hyperspectral sensing can provide valuable information on forest species and forest health. Airborne hyperspectral sensing can also provide estimates of above-ground forest biomass [1]. On July 27, 2006, AISA hyperspectral data were(More)
The genetic basis of Developmental Dysphasia is discussed with precise neuropsychological descriptions of 11 cases in six families. In these cases the coexistence in the same family of completely normal and severely impaired siblings suggests a genetic rather than a familial socio-linguistic cause. The possibility of father-son transmission eliminates(More)
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