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Toward an Analysis of Emotions as Products of Motivating Operations
The study of motivation within behavior analysis has historically pertained to the investigation of organism-environment interactions that alter the efficacy of events as reinforcers or aversiveExpand
Evaluation of the behavioral characteristics of the mdx mouse model of duchenne muscular dystrophy through operant conditioning procedures
It was found that mdx outperformed WT in all learning and memory tasks involving food reinforcement, and this appeared to be related to the differential effects of the food deprivation motivating operation on mdx mice. Expand
The effect of the magnitude of the food deprivation motivating operation on free operant preference in mice
The results appear to support the existing literature in that most subjects preferred a stimulus correlated with food under high deprivation conditions in the post-training preference test. Expand
The Will to Fight: Aversion-Induced Aggression and the Role of Motivation in Intergroup Conflicts.
It is suggested that conflicts between groups cannot be resolved in the long term unless the motivational conditions from which conflicts arise are alleviated and behavior science may contribute to the development and evaluation of alternative nonviolent practices. Expand
Behavioral skills training in scent detection research: Interactions between trainer and animal behavior.
Behavioral skills training was provided to animal trainers working with scent detection rats to improve the treatment integrity of scent-detection research sessions and in situations in which intervention with one party produces concomitant effects on the behavior of another. Expand
Effects of Deprivation and Testing Procedures on Preference for Stimuli Correlated with Food Reinforcement Under Higher Deprivation Conditions in Mice
The results suggest that the degree of discriminability between the stimuli correlated with reinforcement as well as between high and low deprivation conditions affects the extent to which preference for high deprivation stimuli is exhibited. Expand
Increasing Access and Quality of Behavior-Analytic Services for the Latinx Population
Latinxs are the largest minority group in the United States, making up approximately 18% of the total population. Although there is a critical need for the behavioral health care system, includingExpand
Interactions between the effects of food and water motivating operations on food- and water-reinforced responding in mice.
The results suggest that a) the reinforcing value of a single stimulus can be affected by multiple MOs, b) a single MO can affect the reinforce value of multiple stimuli, and c) reinforcing events can also function as MOs. Expand
Assessment of operant learning and memory in mice born through ICSI.
Studying learning and memory processes in mouse models have the potential to shed light on ICSI outcomes at the level of cognitive function and should use multiple learning paradigms, assess both males and females, and investigate the effects of variables related to the ICSi procedure. Expand