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Neonatal rats, aged postnatal days 3-4, were trained in a somatosensory associative conditioning task involving temporal correlation of facial vibrissa stimulation and aversive shock. This training resulted in a subsequent conditioned behavioral activation/arousal response to vibrissa stimulation alone, compared to non-learning control pups trained with(More)
The following experiments determined that the somatosensory whisker system is functional and capable of experience-dependent behavioral plasticity in the neonate before functional maturation of the somatosensory whisker cortex. First, unilateral whisker stimulation caused increased behavioral activity in both postnatal day (P) 3-4 and P8 pups, whereas(More)
We describe the application of quantitative evaluation of mineralogy by scanning electron microscopy in combination with techniques commonly available at hard X-ray microprobes to define the mineralogical environment of a bauxite residue core segment with the more specific aim of determining the speciation of trace metals (e.g., Ti, V, Cr, and Mn) within(More)
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