Matthew Lanahan

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Pyrrolnitrin is a secondary metabolite derived from tryptophan and has strong antifungal activity. Recently we described four genes, prnABCD, from Pseudomonas fluorescens that encode the biosynthesis of pyrrolnitrin. In the work presented here, we describe the function of each prn gene product. The four genes encode proteins identical in size and serology(More)
A family of embedded DRAMs which are fabricated in 45nm SOI technology is presented. The fast eDRAM has 64 b/BL and achieves a random cycle time of 1.3ns for V<inf>DD</inf> = 1.00V and typical process. The dense eDRAM has 128 b/BL and operates in multi-bank modes up to 1.67GHz for V<inf>DD</inf> = 1.0V and nominal process. The staggered - folded BL(More)
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