Matthew L Kircher

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Studies have suggested that 17beta estradiol (E2) can modify apolipoprotein E (apoE) expression. The current study determined if apoE protein varied in different regions of the mouse brain as a function of the estrous cycle and if E2 could increase apoE protein expression. In this study apoE concentration was lowest on estrus in the hippocampus, cingulate(More)
Despite the widespread acceptance of intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring in skull base surgery over the last 2 decades, surgeon training in the technical and interpretive aspects of nerve monitoring has been conspicuously lacking. Inadequate fundamental knowledge of neurophysiological monitoring may lead to misinterpretations and an inability to(More)
The effects of 12 days of continuous monocular occlusion on the stereoscopic acuity and the magnitude of the fixation disparity associated with a given amount of prism-forced vergence were investigated in six adult subjects with normal binocular vision. After the period of occlusion, all six subjects were able to perceive stereopsis, although four of the(More)
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