Matthew L. Jockers

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In a co-authored paper (Jockers et al. 2008), my colleagues and I employed both delta and nearest shrunken centroid (NSC) classification in an authorship analysis of the Book of Mormon. Our results suggested that several men involved in the early formation of the Mormon Church might have been contributors to the Book of Mormon. For reasons detailed in that(More)
A rare case is presented of a 68-year-old patient, suffering from malacoplakia of the base of the tongue. Up to now, only seven patients with manifestations of this chronic inflammatory disease in head and neck have been reported. Histologic features and therapeutic approaches are discussed, followed by a short review of the literature.
Never act except in such a way that your action may be programmed. He who regards poems only as objects to be " processed " according to one or another method should admit to himself that the processing of leather into shoes is more useful to mankind than the processing of poems into interpretations. Within literary and cultural studies there has been a new(More)
Recent work in literary sentiment analysis has suggested that shifts in emotional valence may serve as a reliable proxy for plot movement in novels. The raw sentiment time series of a novel can now be extracted using a variety of different methods, and after extraction, filtering is commonly used to smooth the irregular sentiment time series. Using an(More)
displays just three-line ‘snippets’ from each book — enough to tell the searcher that the listed item is indeed what they are looking for. With the right tools, however, data from the full text can, in principle, be mined and used in large-scale analyses. In 2005, the Authors Guild, based in New York, with some 8,500 members including published authors,(More)
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