Matthew L Iorio

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BACKGROUND Although autografts are the gold standard for failed primary nerve repairs, they result in donor-site morbidity. Nerve conduits and decellularized allografts are a novel solution for improved functional outcomes and decreased donor-site morbidity. Unfortunately, previous reconstructive algorithms have not included the use of decellularized(More)
  • F Budillon, E Esposito, M Iorio, N Pelosi, S Porfido, C Violante
  • 2005
The shallow marine Late Holocene wedge of the northern Salerno Bay shelf (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea) discloses the presence of four decimetric shelf-tapering sand beds. Their internal features, depicted by cores analysis and their stratigraphic position, revealed by VHR seismic investigations , inferred sandy layers as being the result of flash de-position,(More)
  • M L 'abbate, C Germani, A Torre, G Campolo, D Cascone, O Bombaci +4 others
  • 2015
Requirements for near and short term mission applications (Observation and Reconnaissance, SIGINT, Early Warning, Meteorology,..) are increasingly calling for system and spacecraft operational responsiveness, flexibility in configuration, lower cost satellite constellations and flying formations, to improve both the temporal performance of observation(More)
Congenital insensitivity to pain is a rare sensory neuropathy that manifests with multiple and recurrent injuries secondary to a lack of negative pain stimuli. When present with compulsive onychophagia, prompt recognition and behavioral management to prevent chronic digital infection or amputation is imperative. We present the case of two 7 year-old(More)
Seismic stratigraphy and core litho-stratigraphy in the Salerno Bay inner shelf (Southern Tyrrhenian Sea) reveal significant storm deposition episodes over the last 1 ky. Three major events are preserved as decimetre thick silt/sand layers bounded at their base by erosional surfaces and sealed in the muddy marine sequences between 25 and 60 m of depth.(More)
The juridical and medical aspects of disability and the treatment of the disabled permitted by law are described with particular reference to the borderline situations most often encountered in dentistry, in order to highlight the fact that the implicit or explicit consent of the patient's legal representative must always be obtained.
A skull may give important information about race, sex, facial details and contribute, even without dental study, to personal identification in case of skeletal remains of unknown origin. It was shown by some authors that upon the cranial framework we may build bit by bit all soft tissues until details of physiognomy take shape and a reasonable reproduction(More)
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