Matthew L Huggins

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Many synapses undergo immediate and persistent activity-dependent changes in strength via processes that fall under the umbrella of synaptic plasticity. It is known that this type of synaptic plasticity exhibits an underlying state dependence; that is, as synapses change in strength they move into distinct 'states' that are defined by the mechanism and(More)
Alpha II-spectrin (alpha-fodrin) is a demonstrated endogenous substrate for caspase-3 in neurons undergoing unscheduled apoptotic death. We have previously identified the caspase cleavage site that yields the distinctive 120 kDa spectrin breakdown product (SBDP120) as (DSLD(1478)*SVEAL). Here, by using a synthetic peptide (NH(2)-SVEALC) mimicking the(More)
The role of macrophages in erythropoiesis was suggested several decades ago with the description of " erythroblastic islands " in the bone marrow (BM) composed of a central macrophage surrounded by developing erythroblasts. However, the in vivo role of macrophages in erythropoiesis under homeostasis or disease remains unclear. Specific depletion of CD169 +(More)
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