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We review the biogeography of microorganisms in light of the biogeography of macroorganisms. A large body of research supports the idea that free-living microbial taxa exhibit biogeographic patterns. Current evidence confirms that, as proposed by the Baas-Becking hypothesis, 'the environment selects' and is, in part, responsible for spatial variation in(More)
' We report progress on a new approach to combatting illiteracy-getting computers to listen to children read aloud. We describe a fully automated prototype coach for oral reading. It displays a story on the screen, listens as a child reads it, and decides whether and how to intervene. We report on pilot experiments with low-reading second graders to test(More)
With the quantity of genomic data increasing at an exponential rate, it is imperative that these data be captured electronically, in a standard format. Standardization activities must proceed within the auspices of open-access and international working bodies. To tackle the issues surrounding the development of better descriptions of genomic investigations,(More)
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Captured Diversity in a Culture Collection: Case Study of the Geographic and Habitat Distributions of Environmental Isolates Held at the American Type Culture Collection Melissa Merrill Floyd, Jane Tang, Matthew Kane, and David Emerson* Bacteriology Program, American Type Culture Collection, Manassas, Virginia; Environmental Science and Policy Program,(More)
What: Project LISTEN is developing a novel weapon against illiteracy: an automated reading coach that displays a story on a computer screen, listens to a child read it aloud, and helps where 1. needed. The coach provides a combination of reading and listening , in which the child reads wherever possible, and the coach helps wherever necessary. We(More)
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