Matthew K. Stephenson

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BACKGROUND Neuregulin-1β (NRG-1β) is a growth factor critical for cardiac development and repair with therapeutic potential for heart failure. We previously showed that the glial growth factor 2 (GGF2) isoform of NRG-1β improves cardiac function in rodents after myocardial infarction (MI), but its efficacy in a large animal model of cardiac injury has not(More)
A bioassay was used to evaluate the effects of cuticular leaf components, isolated fromN. tabacum, N. glutinosa (accessions 24 and 24a), and 23other Nicotiana species, on germinationof P. tabacina (blue mold). The leaf surface compounds includedα- andβ-4,8,13,-duvatriene-l,3-diols (DVT-diols), (13-E)-labda-13-ene-8α-,15-diol (labdenediol),(More)
Cristi L. Galindo, PhD;* Ehab Kasasbeh, MD;* Abigail Murphy, BA; Sergey Ryzhov, MD, PhD; Sean Lenihan; Farhaan A. Ahmad, MD; Philip Williams, PhD; Amy Nunnally, BS; Jamie Adcock, BS; Yanna Song, PhD; Frank E. Harrell, PhD; Truc-Linh Tran, BS; Tom J. Parry, PhD; Jen Iaci, MS; Anindita Ganguly, PhD; Igor Feoktistov, MD, PhD; Matthew K. Stephenson, PhD;(More)
Fibrosis is a component of all forms of heart disease regardless of etiology, and while much progress has been made in the field of cardiac matrix biology, there are still major gaps related to how the matrix is formed, how physiological and pathological remodeling differ, and most importantly how matrix dynamics might be manipulated to promote healing and(More)
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