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We present an object-oriented framework for constructing parallel implementations of stencil algorithms. This framework simplifres the development process by encapsulating the common aspects of stencil algorithms in a base stencil class so that application-specifre derived classes can be easily defined via inheritance and overloading. In addition, the(More)
Developing multi-core computer technology made it practical to accelerate image processing algorithms via parallel running threads. In this study, performance evaluations for parallel image convolution filter on a multi-core computer using Java thread utilities was presented. For this purpose, the efficiency of static and the dynamic load scheduling(More)
Figure 18: Pollard harvest of neem. (a) unmanaged neem tree; (b) all branches cut off at a height of two meters; (c) new growth from branches (Drawing by M. Acknowledgements I must begin by showing my appreciation for the man who has helped me along this journey, not just the academic process, but someone who kept prodding me at the right times, sending(More)
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