Matthew Johnston

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This paper presents a scheme in which a dedicated backup network is designed to provide protection from random link failures. Upon a link failure in the primary network, traffic is rerouted through a preplanned path in the backup network. We introduce a novel approach for dealing with random link failures, in which probabilistic survivability guarantees are(More)
The knowledge of the interior structure of buildings is important in many civilian and military applications. While it is possible to obtain interior maps by exhaustively inspecting every room in a building, in many situations this is infeasible due to security or safety reasons. In this paper, we develop a method to generate interior building floor plans(More)
Switches are everyday objects that interface humans to many func-tionalities and influence our perception of the machinery that they are attached to. This study is aimed at a better understanding of the perceptual attributes of switches. Specifically, the perceptual thresholds for dynamic changes in a rotary switch were evaluated in two experiments using an(More)
We report three experiments on manual detection of torque variations experienced through a rotary switch. The experiments were designed to investigate whether torque perception was determined by the spatial or by the temporal characteristics of the rotary switch. In Exp. I, manual detection thresholds of torque variation were measured with raised sinusoidal(More)
This study is part of an ongoing research program aimed at understanding how humans perceive the properties and qualities of everyday objects such as rotary switches. This article reports our measurement of detection thresholds for torque vibrations transmitted through a passively-held rotary switch. We show that the torque thresholds are very similar to(More)
The performance of wireless scheduling algorithms directly depends on the availability and accuracy of channel state information (CSI) at the scheduler. As CSI updates must propagate across the network, they are delayed as they arrive at the controller. In this paper, we analyze the effect that delayed CSI has on the throughput performance of scheduling in(More)
Previous research into the effects of action video gaming on cognition has suggested that long term exposure to this type of game might lead to an enhancement of cognitive skills that transfer to non-gaming cognitive tasks. However, these results have been controversial. The aim of the current study was to test the presence of positive cognitive transfer(More)