Matthew Johnson

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The actin cytoskeleton executes a broad range of essential functions within a living cell. The dynamic nature of the actin polymer is modulated to facilitate specific cellular processes at discrete locations by actin-binding proteins (ABPs), including the formins and tropomyosins (Tms). Formins nucleate actin polymers, while Tms are conserved dimeric(More)
One major limitation in the expression of eukaryotic proteins in bacteria is an inability to post-translationally modify the expressed protein. Amino-terminal acetylation is one such modification that can be essential for protein function. By co-expressing the fission yeast NatB complex with the target protein in E.coli, we report a simple and widely(More)
Hospital evacuation in the event of a hurricane is a complex and unpredictable process. Recent natural disasters have called attention to the importance of a timely evacuation plan. The success of an evacuation greatly depends on developing and evaluating alternative plans. However, there is no standard approach to address the issues of a hospital(More)
Rare disorders resulting in prenatal or neonatal death are genetically heterogeneous. For some conditions, affected fetuses can be diagnosed by ultrasound scan, but this is not usually possible until mid-gestation. There is often limited fetal DNA available for investigation. We investigated a strategy for diagnosing autosomal recessive lethal disorders in(More)
BACKGROUND Approximately 28.5 million people living with HIV are eligible for treatment (CD4<500), but currently have no access to antiretroviral therapy. Reduced serum level of micronutrients is common in HIV disease. Micronutrient supplementation (MNS) may mitigate disease progression and mortality. OBJECTIVES We synthesized evidence on the effect of(More)
People living with human immunodeficiency virus frequently use dietary supplements, including probiotics, but concern exists about ingesting live organisms. We performed a systematic review of the benefits of probiotics and a meta-analysis of sepsis risk. We undertook a protocol-driven, comprehensive review to identify all relevant studies, assess their(More)
BACKGROUND Wolcott-Rallison syndrome (WRS) is caused by recessive EIF2AK3 mutations and characterized by early-onset diabetes and skeletal dysplasia. Hepatic dysfunction has been reported in 60% of patients. AIMS To describe a cohort of WRS patients and discuss the pattern and management of their liver disease. METHODS Detailed phenotyping and direct(More)
Frequently, a hospital assumes the role of triage center or sheltering facility when the surrounding community faces a natural disaster or man-made threat. We consider the implications on the hospital patients, staff, and general population when the hospital itself requires evacuation. Using data from recent hospital evacuations due to hurricanes in Florida(More)
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