Matthew Jervis

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In recent years several systems have been developed to integrate the management of physical and digital documents and artefacts. These systems, which often rely on technologies such as RFID, generally detect the location of a digitally tagged item within a collection, with varying degrees of location sensitivity, ranging from a room to a smaller container(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of a new interface prototype for live music mixing. The ColorDex system employs a completely new operational metaphor which allows the mix DJ to prepare up to <i>six</i> tracks at once, and perform mixes between up to <i>three</i> of those at a time. The basic premises of the design are: 1) Build a(More)
In most work environments people archive both the real and digital versions of their documents. But unlike the digital world, in the physical world locating a document can become a very time consuming task. The reason for this is the lack of a direct connection between the physical and digital versions of documents. The Smart Filing System combines the(More)
Information visualisation methods can potentially be employed to assist the work of epidemiologists and other health care professionals in mapping the spread of communicable diseases in remote areas, where the task of disease surveillance encompasses temporal elements such as changes in climate, land use and population movements. This paper presents an(More)
Although in today's everyday work environments digital and paper documents co-exist, the systems used to manage them are often completely separate; digital documents are managed using computer systems, while paper documents are organised and managed using manual systems. Since it is unlikely that the widespread use of paper documents will cease to exist in(More)
Electronic cataloguing systems are used by libraries to provide search mechanisms for finding books in their collections. These systems provide limited, if any, tools for browsing content electronically in a manner similar to browsing books on physical library shelves. Furthermore, library patrons often struggle to physically locate and retrieve books, even(More)
Paper documents are still an integral component of our everyday working lives, and are likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, advances in electronic technology in recent years have made it possible to develop digital systems that better integrate paper and digital document management. However, as far as we are aware, none of these(More)
Recent studies have demonstrated the effect of bleaching conditions and bleaching agent on flavor and functional properties of whey protein ingredients. Solids concentration at bleaching significantly affected bleaching efficacy and flavor effects of different bleaching agents. It is not known if these parameters influence quality of sweet whey powder(More)
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