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Anger, hostility, and aggression among Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans reporting PTSD and subthreshold PTSD.
Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans were grouped by level of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptomatology and compared on self-report measures of trait anger, hostility, and aggression. VeteransExpand
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Posttraumatic stress disorder as a risk factor for suicidal ideation in Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans.
Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) was examined as a risk factor for suicidal ideation in Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans (N = 407) referred to Veterans Affairs mental health care. The authorsExpand
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PTSD symptom clusters in relationship to alcohol misuse among Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans seeking post-deployment VA health care.
Demographic factors, characteristics of military service, PTSD, and depression were examined as predictors of alcohol misuse in Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans (N=287) presenting forExpand
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Meta-analysis of dropout in treatments for posttraumatic stress disorder.
OBJECTIVE Many patients drop out of treatments for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD); some clinicians believe that trauma-focused treatments increase dropout. METHOD We conducted a meta-analysisExpand
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Exploring the Relationship Between Childhood Maltreatment and Intimate Partner Abuse: Gender Differences in the Mediating Role of Emotion Dysregulation
Despite evidence that childhood maltreatment is associated with increased risk for intimate partner abuse perpetration, the mechanisms underlying this relationship remain unclear. Given literatureExpand
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Masculine Gender Role Stress and Men’s Fear of Emotions as Predictors of Self-Reported Aggression and Violence
To test the hypothesis that relationship violence may be related to men’s fear of emotions, a secondary data analysis examined a sample of 155 male students attending an Eastern urban university. TheExpand
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Posttraumatic Stress and Its Relationship to Physical Health Functioning in a Sample of Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans Seeking Postdeployment VA Health Care
The relationship between posttraumatic stress and physical health functioning was examined in a sample of Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans seeking postdeployment VA care. Iraq and Afghanistan WarExpand
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Modeling PTSD symptom clusters, alcohol misuse, anger, and depression as they relate to aggression and suicidality in returning U.S. veterans.
Suicidal ideation and aggression are common correlates of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among U.S. Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. The existing literature has established a strong linkExpand
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The Role of Masculine Ideology and Masculine Gender Role Stress in Men's Perpetration of Relationship Violence
Masculine gender role stress and masculine ideology were investigated to better understand each factor's role in men's aggressive and violent behaviors perpetrated within their romanticExpand
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Association of perceived barriers with prospective use of VA mental health care among Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.
OBJECTIVE The relationship between perceived barriers and prospective use of mental health care among veterans was examined. METHODS The sample included Iraq and Afghanistan veterans (N=305) whoExpand
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