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Human safety can be compromised by the response of beef cows to handling or when defending their calf. However, little is known about how precalving temperament, postcalving defensiveness, and maternal care are related. The impacts of cow temperament on calf neonatal vigor and ADG are also unknown. Data were collected on 2 farms (Farm 1, n = 143, 1 parity;(More)
BACKGROUND The role of men in the childbearing decision process and the factors that influence men's childbearing intentions have been relatively unexplored in the literature. This study aimed to describe the factors that strongly influence the childbearing intentions of men and to describe differences in these factors according to men's age group. (More)
When the members of a voting body exhibit single peaked preferences , majority winners exist. Moreover, the median(s) of the preferred alternatives of voters is (are) indeed the majority (Condorcet) winner(s). This important result of Duncan Black (1958) has been crucial in the development of public economics and political economy, even if it only provides(More)
Six male and six female physiotherapists were videotaped while treating male and female patients. The average duration of the therapist's gaze, smiling, touch, and speech, as well as the ratio of therapist's to patient's speech, were computed. It was found that these non-verbal behaviours differed as a function of sex of physiotherapist, sex of patient and(More)
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