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Do Voters Affect or Elect Policies? Evidence from the U. S. House
There are two fundamentally different views of the role of elections in policy formation. In one view, voters can affect candidates' policy choices: competition for votes induces politicians to moveExpand
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Evaluation of a Global Positioning System Backpack Transmitter for Wild Turkey Research
ABSTRACT Radiotelemetry is the standard method for monitoring wild turkey (Meleagris gallapavo) movements and habitat use. Spatial data collected using telemetry-based monitoring are frequentlyExpand
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Possible Vector Dissemination by Swift Foxes following a Plague Epizootic in Black-tailed Prairie Dogs in Northwestern Texas
To determine whether swift foxes (Vulpes velox) could facilitate transmission of Yersinia pestis to uninfected black-tailed prairie dog (Cynomys ludovicianus) colonies by acquiring infected fleas,Expand
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Wildlife ranching in North America—arguments, issues, and perspectives
Abstract The term “wildlife ranching” has been used to describe many commercial activities associated with wildlife recreation and products. We discuss the advantages and drawbacks of 2 of thoseExpand
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Splitting the Difference? Causal Inference and Theories of Split-party Delegations
We provide an introduction to the regression discontinuity design (RDD) and use the tech nique to evaluate models of sequential Senate elections predicting that the winning party for one Senate seat will receive fewer votes in the next election for the other seat. Expand
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Aerial Surveys for Estimating Wild Turkey Abundance in the Texas Rolling Plains
Abstract Aerial surveys have been used to estimate abundance of several wild bird species including wild turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo). We used inflatable turkey decoys at 3 study sites in the TexasExpand
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Physical Characteristics, Hematology, and Serum Chemistry of Freeranging Gray Wolves, Canis lupus , in Southcentral Alaska
Examination of morphometric characteristics and blood parameters has become a widely used tool for assessing the physiological and nutritional status of wild and captive animals. During 1976 throughExpand
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Nursing Gender Pay Differentials in the New Millennium
BACKGROUND The gender pay gap in the United States is an ongoing issue, affecting women in nearly all occupations. Jobs traditionally associated with men tend to pay better than traditionallyExpand
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Influence of whooping crane population dynamics on its recovery and management
Abstract Wildlife populations experience periods of negative growth of varying magnitudes and duration. Understanding these dynamics and a population’s sensitivity to them informs conservationExpand
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Whooping crane demographic responses to winter drought focus conservation strategies
Focusing conservation strategies requires identifying the demographic parameters and environmental conditions affecting the growth of animal populations most. Therefore, we examined relationshipsExpand
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