Matthew J. W. Morgan

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The E-Cadherin-catenin complex plays a critical role in epithelial cell-cell adhesion, polarization, and morphogenesis. Here, we have analyzed the mechanism of Drosophila E-Cadherin (DE-Cad) localization. Loss of function of the Drosophila exocyst components sec5, sec6, and sec15 in epithelial cells results in DE-Cad accumulation in an enlarged Rab11(More)
BACKGROUND Integral to the function and morphology of the epithelium is the lattice of cell-cell junctions known as adherens junctions (AJs). AJ stability and plasticity relies on E-Cadherin exocytosis and endocytosis. A mechanism regulating E-Cadherin (E-Cad) exocytosis to the AJs has implicated proteins of the exocyst complex, but mechanisms regulating(More)
PURPOSE Patients who have an emergency operation for colorectal cancer have poorer long-term survival outcomes compared with elective patients. This study was designed to define the role of tumor pathology as a basis for the differences in survival outcomes. METHODS There were 1,537 elective and 286 emergency patients who had an operation for bowel cancer(More)
To evaluate the accuracy of computerized medical-record coding for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), medical charts were reviewed in six sites. In 7601 hospital and 867 Medicaid records with a listed diagnosis of HIV, the predictive value for HIV was 91% or higher. HIV was identified in 34% of 1155 Medicaid records listing immune disorder or illness in(More)
BACKGROUND Restoration of bowel continuity following Hartmann's procedure may be performed using a laparoscopic or open technique. This study is the first of its kind comparing laparoscopic with open reversal of Hartmann's procedure in Australasia. METHODS This is a retrospective review of 107 patients who underwent either a laparoscopic (n = 43) or open(More)
slug gene expression is associated with the specification and migration of neural crest cells in the African clawed frog Xenopus laevis. We provide evidence that the protein Ying-Yang 1 (YY1) regulates the slug gene expression both indirectly and directly, via a YY1 cis-element in the slug promoter, during Xenopus development. The ability of the YY1 to bind(More)
This paper provides evidence that Canada's healthcare system is not as safe as it needs to be, and suggests ways to make it safer. Healthcare leaders must recognize that patient safety is indistinguishable from the delivery of high quality, affordable healthcare, and they must become more knowledgeable about the extent of the patient safety problem in(More)
Results from a survey of 10,579 schoolchildren aged 11-16 years indicated various relationships between age, smoking behaviour, health locus of control beliefs, expressed concern with different consequences of illness and beliefs in the efficacy of different strategies for staying healthy. In particular, smokers, compared with non-smokers, showed less(More)
Simple constructive heuristic techniques often product poor solutions when applied to the capacitated vehicle routing problem (CVRP). In this paper we present a hybrid genetic algorithm that lightly perturbs the customer coordinate sets, and “fools” a simple Clarke and Wright heuristic (CW) into producing much better solutions than is the case when CW is(More)
BACKGROUND Aberrant expression of DNA repair proteins is associated with poor survival in cancer patients. We investigated the combined expression of MRE11 and ATM as a predictive marker of response to radiotherapy in rectal cancer. METHODS MRE11 and ATM expression were examined in tumor samples from 262 rectal cancer patients who underwent surgery for(More)