Matthew J. Robbins

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As of November 2008, the number of cell phone subscribers in the US exceeded 267 million, nearly three times more than the 97 million subscribers in June 2000. This rapid growth in cell phone use has led to concerns regarding their impact on driver performance and road safety. Numerous legislative efforts are under way to restrict hand-held cell phone use(More)
We consider the problem of making accession and promotion decisions in the United States Air Force officer sustainment system. Accession decisions determine how many officers should be hired into the system at the lowest grade for each career specialty. Promotion decisions determine how many officers should be promoted to the next highest grade. We(More)
A clinical report on receptive vocabulary skills in cochlear implant users.A longitudinal evaluation of the speech perception capabilities of children using multichannel tactile vocoders.Performance over time of congenitally deaf and postlingually deafened children using a multichannel cochlear implant. perception performance of 10 congenitally deaf and 3(More)
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