Matthew J. Pais

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Split notochord syndrome with dorsal enteric fistula is an extremely rare congenital anomaly that may be associated with meningomyelocele or meningocele, and genitourinary anomalies. This case presented with an additional finding of bladder exstrophy, raising the possibility of a relationship between this syndrome and the OEIS complex.
SUMMARY In this paper, an exact reanalysis algorithm based on an incremental Cholesky factorization is presented, which can solve a linear system of equations when a small portion of the coefficient matrix is modified. The efficiency of the proposed algorithm is demonstrated by modeling quasi-static crack growth in the extended finite element method. The(More)
An unusually prominent soleal line (a normal anatomic variant) may mimic periosteal reaction along the posterior margin of the proximal tibial shaft. This area of pseudoperiostitis is differentiated from hyperostoses arising from the anterior tibial tubercle and the interosseous membrane. It is always associated with normal, undisturbed architecture of the(More)
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