Matthew J. Pais

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Split notochord syndrome with dorsal enteric fistula is an extremely rare congenital anomaly that may be associated with meningomyelocele or meningocele, and genitourinary anomalies. This case presented with an additional finding of bladder exstrophy, raising the possibility of a relationship between this syndrome and the OEIS complex.
To evaluate risk factors affecting pregnancy, perinatal outcomes and graft condition in women who underwent renal transplantation. Retrospective study of 34 pregnancies in 28 renal recipients followed in a single tertiary center from January 1989 to January 2007. Pregnancy outcome, kidney allograft function, maternal complications and perinatal outcomes(More)
Avulsion of a linear portion of the tibial periosteum, without apparent injury to the underlying cortical bone, eventually led to the formation of a longitudinal segment of ectopic bone. This bone was membranous, laminar bone derived from the avulsed periosteum. No remodeling (osteon formation) was evident. Two regions of pseudarthrosis were present, with(More)