Matthew J. P. Barrett

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Variations in local neural activity are accompanied by rapid, focal changes in cerebral blood flow and volume. While a range of observations have shown that dilation occurs in cerebral arteries, there is conflicting evidence about the significance of volume changes in post-arteriole vessels. Here, we reconcile the competing observations using a new(More)
Neural activation triggers a rapid, focal increase in blood flow and thus oxygen delivery. Local oxygen consumption also increases, although not to the same extent as oxygen delivery. This 'uncoupling' enables a number of widely-used functional neuroimaging techniques; however, the physiologic mechanisms that govern oxygen transport under these conditions(More)
The cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen (CMRO2) is an important measure of brain function. Since it is challenging to measure directly, especially dynamically, a number of neuroimaging techniques aim to infer activation-induced changes in CMRO2 from indirect data. Here, we employed a mathematical modelling approach, based on fundamental biophysical(More)
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