Matthew J O'Hara

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The use of acoustic streaming as a noncontact mixing platform to accelerate mass-transport-limited diffusion processes in small-volume heterogeneous reactions has been investigated. Single-bead anion(More)
An automated flow-based instrument for microwave-assisted treatment of liquid samples has been developed and characterized. The instrument utilizes a flow-through reaction vessel design that(More)
Zirconium-89 (89Zr), produced by the (p, n) reaction from naturally monoisotopic yttrium (natY), is a promising positron emitting isotope for immunoPET imaging. Its long half-life of 78.4 h is(More)
In the event of an accidental or intentional release of radionuclides into a populated area, massive numbers of people may require radiobioassay screening as triage for dose-reduction therapy or(More)