Matthew J Medeiros

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To test whether variation in muscle efficiency contributes to thermal stability during flight in the orchid bee, Euglossa imperialis, we measured CO2 production, heat loss and flight kinematics at different air temperatures (Ta). We also examined the relationship between wingbeat frequency (WBF) and Ta in five additional species of orchid bees. Mean(More)
Two new endemic Hawai'ian Lepidoptera species are herein described. The first, Pseudoschrankia brevipalpis sp. nov., is a pollinator of the rare endemic plant Schiedea kaalae Wawra. The second, Thyrocopa keliae sp. nov., is endemic to Moloka'i island. Observations of undescribed parasitic mites that attack Hawai'ian Lepidoptera are presented as well.
A new species of brachypterous, flightless, jumping alpine Thyrocopa moth, T. kikaelekea, is described from Hawaii Island. This new species is similar to T. apatela (Walsingham), another flightless species from Maui Island. Thyrocopa kikaelekea is hypothesized not to be the sister taxon to T. apatela, instead representing an independent loss of flight.
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