Matthew J McBride

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Nine established cigarette smokers were each studied four times, smoking two identical cigarettes on each occasion. After an acclimatization study, they smoked one of three types of cigarettes, either their usual brand or one of two types of special low tar cigarettes. These latter both had tar yields of about 8 mg with nicotine yields of 0.55 (LN) and 0.90(More)
A pressure transducer connected to a nasal oxygen cannula detects fluctuations of about 0.1 kPa (1 cm H2O) during nose breathing because the prongs act as two one-sided pitot tubes in parallel. We describe a digital technique for converting this signal to flow and volume records without encumbering the head except during calibration. The signal could be(More)
We evaluated the respiratory inductive plethysmograph, (RIP), during tidal breathing in eight men and seven women. This device measures movements of the rib cage and abdomen during breathing and adds the signals to produce an indirect record of ventilation. We recorded on magnetic tape, the rib and abdominal signals separately, with a simultaneous(More)
BACKGROUND Calculating Abraham descriptors from solubility values requires that the solute have the same form when dissolved in all solvents. However, carboxylic acids can form dimers when dissolved in non-polar solvents. For such compounds Abraham descriptors can be calculated for both the monomeric and dimeric forms by treating the polar and non-polar(More)
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