Matthew J Inwood

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Twenty-five Scottish and 22 Canadian patients with hemophilia, and 15 Scottish and 14 Canadian carriers of hemophilia participated in the study. They were interviewed with respect to their experience of and attitudes to genetic counseling, perceptions of the counselor's role, and satisfaction with existing care for families with hemophilia. Most patients(More)
Thromboembolic disease is a known complication of ulcerative colitis, but is rarely reported in Crohn's disease. In this study, we have tried to determine if there are indeed coagulation abnormalities associated with these two diseases. Four groups of patients were studies: (1) patients with ulcerative colitis; (2) patients with Crohn's disease; (3)(More)
Coagulation studies were performed in a well-defined inborn population of preterm neonates in cord blood and arterial blood obtained at age 48 h. Eighty infants fulfilled all the inclusion criteria. Our results show an increase in the hepatic vitamin K1 dependent and independent factors with postnatal age. The APTT became shorter, the factor II-VII-X, alpha(More)
The management of the pregnant patient with immune thrombocytopenia is complicated by the unavailability of the fetal platelet count. Since the transplacental passage of antiplatelet antibodies mediates infant thrombocytopenia, measurement of maternal platelet-associated IgG might predict infant outcome. We related the maternal platelet count and(More)
The formulation of an oral iron tablet may influence its therapeutic efficacy in correcting iron deficiency. In order to determine the oral iron preparations patients in a Canadian urban center were receiving, a questionnaire was circulated to family physicians, internists, surgeons, and obstetrician-gynecologists to determine their prescribing practices. A(More)