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The physical properties and stability of a trapped Bose{Einstein condensate are strongly innuenced by the presence of a net attractive interaction between the particles. In this Letter we describe the spatial distribution, stability, collisional loss rates, and lifetimes for this situation in a weakly interacting trapped atomic gas in the context of mean(More)
The interference observed between two Bose-Einstein condensates demonstrated clearly the long-range coherence of a Bose condensate [1]. The fringe contrast is directly related to first-order coherence. Our paper [2] showed that previous measurements of the interaction energy of a condensate can be reinterpreted as a measure for second-order coherence and(More)
From optimal supply decisions to anticipatory control systems , wind-based energy applications rely heavily upon accurate, local, short-term forecasts of future wind speed. Recent studies have shown continuous ranked probability score (CRPS) minimizing models with Gaussian assumptions to be effective for well-researched sites where those assumptions are(More)
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