Matthew J E Lott

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This study assessed fluid balance, sodium losses, and effort intensity during indoor tennis match play (17 ± 2 °C, 42% ± 9% relative humidity) over a mean match duration of 68.1 ± 12.8 min in 16 male tennis players. Ad libitum fluid intake was recorded throughout the match. Sweat loss from change in nude body mass; sweat electrolyte content from patches(More)
Esophageal cytology may improve sensitivity for the detection of malignancy but can be difficult to interpret in the presence of inflammation. To assess the value of cytology in assessing patients with Barrett's esophagus a retrospective review was performed. One hundred and sixty two patients (87 esophageal/gastroesophageal junction adenocarcinoma, 65(More)
The present study aimed to investigate the influence of timing of preexercise carbohydrate feeding (Part A) and carbohydrate concentration (Part B) on short-duration high-intensity exercise capacity. In Part A, 17 males, and in Part B 10 males, performed a peak power output (PPO) test, two familiarization trials at 90% of PPO, and 4 (for Part A) or 3 (for(More)
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