Matthew J. Cordery

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In this paper, we examine the performance of a suite of applications on three different architectures: Edison, a Cray XC30 with Intel Ivy Bridge processors; Hopper and Cielo, both Cray XE6's with AMD Magny–Cours processors; and Mira, an IBM BlueGene/Q with PowerPC A2 processors. The applications chosen are a subset of the applications used in a joint(More)
We present preliminary results of the Roofline Toolkit for multicore, manycore, and accelerated architectures. This paper focuses on the processor architecture characterization engine, a collection of portable instrumented micro benchmarks implemented with Message Passing Interface (MPI), and OpenMP used to express thread-level paral-lelism. These(More)
— Cray began delivery of their next generation XC30 supercomputer systems in late 2012. One of the first systems, " Edison, " was delivered to NERSC and in this paper we present preliminary performance results obtained on this machine. The primary new feature of the XC30 architecture is the Cray " Aries " interconnect that includes a 48-port high radix(More)
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