Matthew J. Cordery

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We present preliminary results of the Roofline Toolkit for multicore, manycore, and accelerated architectures. This paper focuses on the processor architecture characterization engine, a collection of portable instrumented micro benchmarks implemented with Message Passing Interface (MPI), and OpenMP used to express thread-level paral-lelism. These(More)
— Cray began delivery of their next generation XC30 supercomputer systems in late 2012. One of the first systems, " Edison, " was delivered to NERSC and in this paper we present preliminary performance results obtained on this machine. The primary new feature of the XC30 architecture is the Cray " Aries " interconnect that includes a 48-port high radix(More)
In this paper, we examine the performance of a suite of applications on three different architectures: Edison, a Cray XC30 with Intel Ivy Bridge processors; Hopper and Cielo, both Cray XE6's with AMD Magny–Cours processors; and Mira, an IBM BlueGene/Q with PowerPC A2 processors. The applications chosen are a subset of the applications used in a joint(More)
The Community Climate System Model (CCSM3) is the primary model for global climate research in the United States and is supported on a variety of computer systems. We present some of our porting experiences and describe the current performance of the CCSM3 on the Cray X1. We include the status of work in progress on other systems in the Cray product line.
Described here are the extensive efforts of the authors to modify the Community Land Model for vectorization on the Earth Simulator in Japan and the Cray X1 at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This paper follows experimental results presented at the Cray Users Group (CUG) Meeting in 2003 (White, 2003). Presented here are the technical details of the old and(More)
A high performance computer model of coupled hydrogeological and biogeochemical processes. a practical map-analysis tool for corridor detection .
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