Matthew J Bock

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We conducted a quantitative analysis of published results from more than 50 tests of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) effects on mink reproduction, which provided a basis for evaluating how well different methods of measuring and assessing PCB concentrations can approximate a toxicologically relevant dose for this endpoint. Several dose metrics were(More)
This study tests whether an outreach educational program tailored to institutional specific patient care practices would improve the quality of care delivered to mechanically ventilated intensive care unit (ICU) patients in rural hospitals. The study was conducted as a randomized control trial using 20 rural Iowa hospitals as the unit of analysis. Twelve(More)
Diabetes mellitus is a recognized complication of SOT in adults and is associated with decreased graft and patient survival. Little is known about NOD in pediatric HT recipients. We aimed to characterize the incidence and describe risk factors for development of NOD after HT in children. Children who developed diabetes after HT were identified from the OPTN(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify determinants of missed medication doses in hospitalized patients. DESIGN A prospective study of 63,031 medication doses was performed. Missed doses were detected through active surveillance. To analyze the potential impact of missed antibiotic doses, we performed a retrospective cohort study of adults with bacterial meningitis. (More)
As computing and displays become more pervasive and wireless networks are increasing the connections between people and things, humans inhabit both digital and physical realities. In this paper we describe our prototype Mirror Worlds framework, which is designed to fuse these realities: Fusality. Our goal for Fusality is to support innovative research and(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the relationship between patient characteristics, processes of care, and risk of hospital mortality in rural intensive care units (ICU). DESIGN Retrospective data analysis of ICU patients admitted to 19 rural Iowa hospitals between 1992 and 1994. SETTING ICUs in rural Iowa hospitals. PATIENTS ICU patients treated on mechanical(More)
BACKGROUND Waitlist mortality among children listed for primary heart transplant (HTx) has been well characterized, whereas limited data exist for cardiac retransplantation (CRTx) after pediatric primary HTx. We sought to characterize the population listed for CRTx and to determine the factors that affect waitlist mortality. METHODS All individuals listed(More)
Height matching in pediatric HTx has been proposed as a superior method of evaluating graft size, but no studies have examined survival advantage for height-matched donor-recipient pairs. We hypothesized that in pediatric patients with DCM, an oversized donor improves survival and aimed to define the optimal height ratio in this patient group. Pediatric(More)
We aimed to determine whether malignancy after pediatric HTx for ACM affects overall post-HTx survival. Patients <18y listed for HTx for ACM in the PHTS database between 1993 and 2014 were compared to those with DCM. A 2:1 matched DCM cohort was also compared. Wait-list and post-HTx survival, along with freedom from common HTx complications, were compared.(More)
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