Matthew J. Bell

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The continuing proliferation of mobile devices, content and applications presents barriers to the mainstreaming of Assistive Technologies (ATs), despite their potential utility for users in demanding situations or with minor-to-moderate impairments. We have previously proposed that user profiling based on human rather than machine-oriented capabilities,(More)
A biophysical whole farm system model was used to simulate the interaction between the historical climate, soil and pasture type at sites in southern Australia and assess the balance between productivity and greenhouse gas emissions (expressed in carbon dioxide equivalents, CO₂-eq.) intensity of beef cow-calf grazing systems. Four sites were chosen to(More)
This study investigates two features of interest in recent work on the photolytic production of the methoxy carbonyl radical and its subsequent unimolecular dissociation channels. Earlier studies used methyl chloroformate as a photolytic precursor for the CH3OCO, methoxy carbonyl (or methoxy formyl) radical, which is an intermediate in many reactions that(More)
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