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A model of calcium distribution in the sarcomere during activation of contraction was developed. It allows for diffusion and binding of calcium ions to various sarcoplasmic binding sites in the three dimensional spatial coordinate system. The model was used to analyze the influence of kinetic characteristic of binding processes on the temporal and spatial(More)
Numerical simulation of gravitational N-body systems is an important tool for studying the dynamic behaviour of stellar systems, and in some cases is the only option available given the extremely large time scales involved. The direct summation approach, which evaluates the force between each pair of particles at each time step, produces the most accurate(More)
Certain parts of computer programs are executed more often than others over the course of normal use. The most frequently visited portions of code are known as " hot spots. " It is usually in these regions where most optimization effort should be focussed. The problem of locating and identifying program hot spots is related to that of detecting program(More)
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