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A DG-extension of symmetric functions arising from higher representation theory
We investigate analogs of symmetric functions arising from an extension of the nilHecke algebra defined by Naisse and Vaz. These extended symmetric functions form a subalgebra of the polynomial ring
On the computation of torus link homology
A new method for computing triply graded link homology is introduced, which is particularly well adapted to torus links, and which gives an exact answer for all $n$ -torus links.
Khovanov-Rozansky homology and higher Catalan sequences
We give a simple recursion which computes the triply graded Khovanov-Rozansky homology of several infinite families of knots and links, including the $(n,nm\pm 1)$ and $(n,nm)$ torus links for
Categorical Diagonalization
This paper lays the groundwork for the theory of categorical diagonalization. Given a diagonalizable operator, tools in linear algebra (such as Lagrange interpolation) allow one to construct a
SO(3) Homology of Graphs and Links
The SO(3) Kauffman polynomial and the chromatic polynomial of planar graphs are categorified by a unique extension of the Khovanov homology framework. Many structural observations and computations of
Serre duality for Khovanov–Rozansky homology
We prove that the full twist is a Serre functor in the homotopy category of type A Soergel bimodules. As a consequence, we relate the top and bottom Hochschild degrees in Khovanov-Rozansky homology,
Hilbert schemes and y–ification of Khovanov–Rozansky homology
Author(s): Gorsky, Eugene; Hogancamp, Matthew | Abstract: We define a deformation of the triply graded Khovanov-Rozansky homology of a link $L$ depending on a choice of parameters $y_c$ for each
On the functoriality of sl(2) tangle homology.
We construct an explicit equivalence between the (bi)category of gl(2) webs and foams and the Bar-Natan (bi)category of Temperley-Lieb diagrams and cobordisms. With this equivalence we can fix
Torus link homology
We compute the triply graded Khovanov-Rozansky homology of a family of links, including positive torus links and $\operatorname{Sym}^l$-colored torus knots.
The Fukaya category of the pillowcase, traceless character varieties, and Khovanov cohomology
For a diagram of a 2-stranded tangle in the 3-ball we define a twisted complex of compact Lagrangians in the triangulated envelope of the Fukaya category of the smooth locus of the pillowcase. We