Matthew Hoffman

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Modern web clickstream data consists of long, high-dimensional sequences of multivariate events, making it difficult to analyze. Following the overarching principle that the visual interface should provide information about the dataset at multiple levels of granularity and allow users to easily navigate across these levels, we identify four levels of(More)
A central goal of most sustainable agriculture programs is to encourage growers to adopt practices that jointly provide economic, environmental, and social benefits. Using surveys of outreach professionals and wine grape growers, we quantify the perceived costs and benefits of sustainable viticulture practices recommended by sustainability outreach and(More)
Background. To ensure an adequate supply of blood, collection centers must design campaigns that successfully recruit and maintain an active donor pool. Understanding factors that motivate and deter individuals from donating may help centers develop targeted recruitment campaigns. These factors among high school aged blood donors have not yet been fully(More)
—Integrating frequent pattern mining with interactive visualization for temporal event sequence analysis poses many interesting research questions and challenges. We review and reflect on some of these challenges based on our experiences working on event sequence data from two domains: web analytics and application logs. These challenges can be organized(More)
The cohesion of replicated sister chromatids promotes chromosome biorientation, gene regulation, DNA repair, and chromosome condensation. Cohesion is mediated by cohesin, which is deposited on chromosomes by a separate conserved loading complex composed of Scc2 and Scc4 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Although it is known to be required, the role of Scc2/Scc4(More)
In this paper, we address parameter estimation for hybrid dynamical systems with state-dependent events and time-delayed parametric switching. Parameter estimation of hybrid systems can aid in system identification, model refinement, and contingency and stability analysis in various fields, including chemical, electrical, and power systems engineering. We(More)
Course Objectives: 1. To inquire into the nature of international studies as a field of enquiry and appreciate its multidisciplinary roots. 2. To gain an understanding of how the international system has evolved along theoretical and empirical foundations. 3. To determine the efforts towards peace-building and peace keeping as well as its derivatives as a(More)
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