Matthew Hennessy

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Given a set of processes and a set of tests on these processes we show how to define in a natural way three different eyuitalences on processes. ThesP equivalences are applied to a particular language CCS. We give associated complete proof systems and fully abstract models. These models have a simple representation in terms of trees.
We describe a typing system for a distributed π-calculus which guarantees that distributed agents cannot access the resources of a system without first being granted the capability to do so. The language studied allows agents to move between distributed locations and to augment their set of capabilities via communication with other agents. The type system(More)
We study a variant of Levi and Sangiorgi's Safe Ambients (SA) enriched with <i>passwords</i> (SAP). In SAP by managing passwords, for example generating new ones and distributing them selectively, an ambient may now program who may migrate into its computation space, and when. Moreover in SAP an ambient may provide different services depending on the(More)
In [Plol] a powerdomain was defined which was intended as a kind of analogue of the powerset construction, but for (certain kinds) of cpos. For example the powerdomain~(S±) of the flat cpo Si, formed from a set S, is the set {X ! S~I(X#~) and ((±cX) or X is finite)} with the Egli-Milner ordering : X ~ Y ~ (~x ~ X.~ y ~ Y. x C y) A (~y c Y.3 x e X. x ~ y).(More)
In 1992 Wang &amp; Larsen extended the may- and must preorders of De Nicola and Hennessy to processes featuring probabilistic as well as nondeterministic choice. They concluded with two problems that have remained open throughout the years, namely to find complete axiomatisations and alternative characterisations for these preorders. This paper solves both(More)