Matthew Hartmann

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This study examines the educational/occupational outcome and social situation of patients treated for schizophrenia in adolescence (age at admission 11.5-17.9 years; mean 16.0 years). Out of 96 consecutively admitted patients between 1976 and 1987, 85 (89%) could be traced and 65 (68%) were reassessed more than 10 years after the first episode. At followup,(More)
OBJECTIVE Despite a good prognosis, the typically young age at diagnosis and physical sequelae may cause psychological distress in germ cell tumor survivors. We aimed to determine the frequency of anxiety and depression and analyze the impact of demographic and disease-related factors. METHOD We enrolled N=164 testicular germ cell tumor survivors(More)
Animal literature suggests a connection between marijuana use and altered circadian rhythms. However, the effect has not yet been demonstrated in humans. The present study examined the effect of chronic marijuana use on human circadian function. Participants consisted of current users who reported smoking marijuana daily for at least a year and(More)
OBJECTIVES The temporal relationship between substance abuse and symptoms of psychosis in adolescent patients was examined. METHODS The hospital records of all adolescent inpatients admitted to the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim during the period from 1976-1997 with a first-time diagnosis of psychosis were examined retrospectively for(More)
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