Matthew H. Wolf

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Patient satisfaction is a variable of increasing interest to researchers, clinicians, and medical educators. Of several studies reviewed, only a few have shown evidence of careful methodology. Most surveys have focused on general evaluations of doctors and/or health care services or of a particular facility. The present article reports the development of a(More)
A number of precautions were taken to ensure the accuracy of the analytical procedures and to avoid artifactual formation of N-nitroso compounds. NDPA (5 ng/g), an NDMA analog which is not normally present in the diets, was added to each powdered sample prior to the vacuum distillation step as an internal (recovery) standard. All reported levels of NDMA and(More)
The verbal interaction between patients and physicians in 52 initial interviews in a university hospital screening clinic was studied using a new discourse coding system. Factor analysis of category frequencies showed that each interview segment, medical history, physical examination, and conclusion, consisted mainly of two or three types of verbal(More)
Research on both adult patients and parents of pediatric patients has demonstrated that satisfaction with medical encounters predicts such important outcomes as compliance with medical regimen. The authors developed a questionnaire to measure parent satisfaction with children's medical encounters, administered it to 104 parents of pediatric patients (field(More)
The medical importance of the patient-physician relationship is widely acknowledged, but research on its effects has been hampered by the lack of a method to quantify its clinically relevant features. In this study a new method of coding verbal interaction was applied to 52 interviews with adults in a general medical screening clinic. "Average interaction(More)
Airborne N-nitrosomorpholine (0 to 27 micrograms per cubic meter) was found in two of four rubber industry factories. N-Nitrosodimethylamine was also found in two factories, but at lower levels. These findings may be relevant to the reported increased risk of certain types of cancer in rubber workers in some of the same areas where the N-nitrosomorpholine(More)
Antithymocyte globulin (ATG) preparations are purified gamma-immune globulin products used for the prevention and treatment of transplant organ rejection. Manufacturer labeling recommends administration of the currently available ATG preparations (rabbit antithymocyte globulin and equine antithymocyte globulin) via a high-flow vein; typically this is(More)