Matthew H J Sweeney

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Monkey lenses were incubated with 35S-L-cysteine for various times and the movement of label within the lens followed by autoradiography. Cysteine appeared to enter primarily at the germinative region of the lens. No evidence was found for major transport through either the anterior or posterior faces of the lens. The movement of cysteine within different(More)
The The kinematic interrelationships between the lower limbs, pelvis, trunk, and racquet in the performance of the high velocity tennis serve were investigated for 10 participants using a 12 camera opto-reflective Vicon MX system, operating at 250Hz. The average absolute peak racquet centre velocity was 34.0m • s-1 , which is comparable to previous studies(More)
The authors report the natural history of closure of the cavum Septi pellucidi in premature infants 26 to 27 weeks postconception at birth and compare the developmental outcome in these infants who had closure by 42 weeks postconception to those who still had a cavum septum pellucidi visualized on ultrasound at approximately term (35-42 weeks). Of 72(More)
  • Susan L Hunter, Lisa Martin-Hansen, P Mary, Deming, Joyce E Committee, Lisa Many +26 others
  • 2015
representatives of the faculty, certify that this dissertation has met all standards of excellence and scholarship as determined by the faculty. The Dean of the College of Education concurs. By presenting this dissertation as a partial fulfillment of the requirements for the advanced degree from Georgia State University, I agree that the library of Georgia(More)
Despite many coaching and biomechanical texts describing how the kinematics of the club-head at impact lead to distance and accuracy of the ball flight, there is limited quantitative evidence supporting these assertions. The purpose of this study was to quantify the relationships between club-head kinematics and subsequent early ball flight characteristics(More)
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