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The Abl-interactor (Abi) family of adaptor proteins has been linked to signaling pathways involving the Abl tyrosine kinases and the Rac GTPase. Abi proteins localize to sites of actin polymerization in protrusive membrane structures and regulate actin dynamics in vitro. Here we demonstrate that Abi2 modulates cell morphogenesis and migration in vivo.(More)
Multicore multiprocessors use a Non Uniform Memory Architecture (NUMA) to improve their scalability. However, NUMA introduces performance penalties due to remote memory accesses. Without efficiently managing data layout and thread mapping to cores, scientific applications may suffer performance loss, even if they are optimized for NUMA. In this paper, we(More)
The Java language first came to public attention in 1995. Within a year, it was being speculated that Java may be a good language for parallel and distributed computing. Its core features, including being objected oriented and platform independence, as well as having built-in network support and threads, has encouraged this view. Today, Java is being used(More)
The power consumption of a large scale system ultimately limits its performance. Consuming less energy while preserving performance leads to better system utilization at scale. The is o-energy-efficiency model was proposed as a metric and methodology for explaining power and performance efficiency on scalable systems. For use in practice, we need to(More)
This paper describes work undertaken by the VERA project to investigate how archaeologists work with information technology (IT) on excavation sites. We used a diary study to research the usual patterns of behaviour of archaeologists digging the Silchester Roman town site during the summer of 2007. Although recording had previously been undertaken using pen(More)
Tycho is a reference implementation of a combined extensible wide-area messaging framework with a built in distributed registry for publishing and discovering remote end-points. This paper describes the architecture of Tycho as well as the design and functionality of its virtual registry (VR). We explain why we have designed Tycho to reuse existing(More)
Wide-area distributed systems require scalable mechanisms that can be used to gather and distribute system information to a variety of endpoints. In this paper we report on jGMA, a Java-based implementation of the GGFs Grid Monitoring Architecture (GMA), that we have specifically designed to be compliant, standard-based and fulfil the needs of an in-house(More)