Matthew Greenberg

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We utilize effective algorithms for computing in the cohomology of a Shimura curve together with the Jacquet-Langlands correspondence to compute systems of Hecke eigenvalues associated to Hilbert modular forms over a totally real field F . The design of algorithms for the enumeration of automorphic forms has emerged as a major theme in computational(More)
We define a cocycle on GLn(Q) using Shintani’s method. This construction is closely related to earlier work of Solomon and Hill, but differs in that the cocycle property is achieved through the introduction of an auxiliary perturbation vector Q. As a corollary of our result we obtain a new proof of a theorem of Diaz y Diaz and Friedman on signed fundamental(More)
English-language policies about the desired behavior of computer systems often suffer from translation errors when implemented with a proliferation of low-level rules governing access control, resource allocation and configuration. To solve this, Dynamic Policy Enforcement systems replace these low-level rules with a relatively small number of semantically(More)
OBJECTIVES Nodular fasciitis (NF) is a self-limited, mass-forming, fibrous proliferation that can occur in the head and neck and may mimic malignancy. Fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) is a minimally invasive, rapid, accurate method of obtaining diagnostic material from head and neck masses. In this study, we verify the usefulness of FNAB in obtaining a(More)
A fundamental challenge in exploiting machine intelligence in human collaborative teams is the barrier between natural human-human communication (through speech and sketch) versus the symbolic structured discourse necessary for machine interpretation. Our hypothesis was that a layer of machine reasoning, exploiting situational context and doctrinal models,(More)
In earlier work, the second named author described how one may extract Darmonstyle L -invariants from modular forms on Shimura curves that are special at p. In this paper, we show that these L -invariants are preserved by the Jacquet–Langlands correspondence. As a consequence, we prove the second named author’s period conjecture in the case where the base(More)