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We utilize effective algorithms for computing in the cohomology of a Shimura curve together with the Jacquet-Langlands correspondence to compute systems of Hecke eigenvalues associated to Hilbert modular forms over a totally real field F. The design of algorithms for the enumeration of automorphic forms has emerged as a major theme in computational(More)
Measles virus (MV) and canine distemper virus (CDV) are morbilliviruses that cause acute illnesses and several persistent central nervous system infections in humans and in dogs, respectively. Characteristically, the cytopathic effect of these viruses is the formation of syncytia in permissive cells. In this study, a vaccinia virus expression system was(More)
p53 is an oncogene product which has been shown to be directly involved in malignant transformation. Furthermore, it has been proposed that this protein plays an essential role in the control of cell proliferation. In the present study, we investigated the involvement of p53 in growth regulation of cells by employing anti-sense RNA methodology to inhibit(More)
To gain insight into how transcription of the human p53 oncogene is controlled, we characterized the regulatory regions of the gene. A 3.8-kilobase-pair (kbp) EcoRI restriction fragment encompassing the 5' end of the human p53 gene, as well as subfragments generated by restriction digests, was cloned upstream of the Escherichia coli chloramphenicol(More)
We define a cocycle on GL n (Q) using Shintani's method. This construction is closely related to earlier work of Solomon and Hill, but differs in that the cocycle property is achieved through the introduction of an auxiliary perturbation vector Q. As a corollary of our result we obtain a new proof of a theorem of Diaz y Diaz and Friedman on signed(More)