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After serial passage at high multiplicity of infection of standard bovine rotavirus in MA104 cells, different genome rearrangements occurred in which segment 5 was lost from the RNA profile and distinct additional bands of double-stranded (ds) RNA were found in positions on gels between segments 1 and 6. It was shown that some of the additional RNA bands(More)
Single-subject experiments were conducted with an adolescent and an adult male who stutter to assess the effect on stuttering of changing the frequency of phonation intervals that were within prescribed duration ranges during spontaneous speech. Electroglottograph-identified intervals of phonation were measured using a computer-assisted biofeedback system.(More)
The functional characterisation of essential genes in apicomplexan parasites, such as Toxoplasma gondii or Plasmodium falciparum, relies on conditional mutagenesis systems. Here we present a novel strategy based on U1 snRNP-mediated gene silencing. U1 snRNP is critical in pre-mRNA splicing by defining the exon-intron boundaries. When a U1 recognition site(More)
The inner membrane complex (IMC) of apicomplexan parasites is a specialised structure localised beneath the parasite's plasma membrane, and is important for parasite stability and intracellular replication. Furthermore, it serves as an anchor for the myosin A motor complex, termed the glideosome. While the role of this protein complex in parasite motility(More)
This paper reports the results of two experiments that investigated interval-by-interval inter- and intrajudge agreement for stuttered and nonstuttered speech intervals (4.0 sec). The first experiment demonstrated that interval-by-interval interjudge agreement could be significantly improved, and to satisfactory levels, by training judges to discriminate(More)
Thirty listeners used the 9-point speech naturalness rating scale described by Martin, Haroldson, and Triden (1984) to score 1-minute spontaneous speaking samples from 15 normally fluent speakers and 15 stutterers who had completed the initial phases of a prolonged speech treatment program. The same listeners were later asked to judge whether each sample(More)
This study was designed to investigate the apparent contradiction between recent reports of physiological and interpersonal research on stuttering that claim or imply high agreement levels, and studies of stuttering judgment agreement itself that report much lower agreement levels. Four experienced stuttering researchers in one university department used(More)
Identifying the biological pathways mediating the action of a therapeutic compound may help the development of more specific treatments while also increasing our understanding of the underlying disease pathology. Salts of the metal lithium are commonly used as a front-line mood stabilizing treatment for bipolar disorder. Lithium's action has been variously(More)
BACKGROUND Rapid sequence intubation and emergency intubation in the emergency department (ED) can be life-saving procedures, but require the appropriate skills, experience and preparation to avoid complications ranging from simple trauma to life-threatening desaturation. Only scarce data exist in the published literature on complications following(More)
The University of Delaware’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources is making very good progress in our efforts to develop a creamery on the UD campus. The creamery will be directly linked to the CANR dairy (see below for an update on other activities at the dairy) and many of our college’s teaching, research, and extension programs. It will be a(More)