Matthew Goode

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Models of nucleotide or amino acid sequence evolution that implement homogeneous and stationary Markov processes of substitutions are mathematically convenient but are unlikely to represent the true complexity of evolution. With the large amounts of data that next generation sequencing promises, appropriate models of evolution are important, particularly(More)
Amphid sensilla, historically considered the primary chemosensory structures of nematodes, were found to be necessary for the detection of only one of the six chemical stimuli that were tested. Only the attraction to cAMP was eliminated by damaging the two lateral lips, which bear the amphid sensilla. The inner labial sensilla, one of which occurs on each(More)
Sucrose phosphate synthase (SPS) is a key enzyme in the production of sucrose. Five SPS gene families have been identified in monocotyledonous plants including sugarcane. Using SPS family-specific primers to four of the five families (we had previously characterised the fifth gene family), an approximately 400-nt region was amplified from the parents of a(More)
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